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Why do you need to replace your windows?

  • Your windows are cold in the winter and hot in the summer.
    Our windows have double pane glazed glass thus slowing down to a minimum transfer of heat and cold from outside.
  • Your house is beside highway or somewhere and you are suffering the noise.
    Our windows have triple seal or laminated glazing to prevent noisy.
  • Your windows have water build up between the panes of glass.
    Our windows have a super spacer to make sure no water will be staining the glass in between the two panes.
  • Your windows are hard to clean.
    Our unique glide and pivot system allows for easy access to exterior for easy cleaning of the glass.
  • Your windows require constant maintenance.
    Unlike other materials, our vinyl is guaranteed not to pit, peel, fade or flake. And, you can choose the certain color without painting windows.
  • Your windows have mildew build-up and put health is at risk.
    Our windows minimize the chances of water deposits on the window or window sill thus eliminating the chance of mildew build-up.

Is it worth to pay money for my windows?

If you choose a high quality, energy efficient window, your initial investment can be recouped over time, through reduced heating and cooling costs. Numerous airtight construction features and advanced glazing in our window units do a much more effective job of sealing cold air out and keeping heated air in.

Why has vinyl become the most popular type of framing?

The technology of vinyl extrusion has advanced significantly over recent years, enabling it to become the material that is most energy efficient and easiest to maintain. Vinyl has proven to be practical as well as beautiful.

What are the advantages of vinyl windows vs. wood or metal?

Apart from beauty and design considerations and general architectural preference, the major advantage of vinyl is the cost saving achieved through better energy efficiency. Another important factor is that homeowners never need to paint vinyl window frames, which results in a saving of both money and work.

All vinyl windows look alike, how do I tell the difference?

The major difference between our windows and lower quality vinyl windows is in the internal construction of the sash and frame. Need to look at different products, we can show you the structural components of the window and to explain how the window seals the airflow from inside the home.

What about glazing? Are all Low-E coatings the same?

No. There are different Low-E coatings that allow you to customize the glass performance based upon the location of the window in the home. Some coatings prevent more heat from entering, while others allow more heat to enter your home. This gives you the opportunity to control the comfort of each room individually, thus minimizing your energy consumption and lowering your costs.

Will vinyl frame window and glass units protect against forced entry?

If security is a concern, there are ways to maximize the security of your windows and doors. With the largest exposure to entry of a window or door being the glass, the latest concept available is tempered or laminated glass packs. These are designed to withstand multiple blows with a heavy object and still stay intact.

What is a retrofitting window replacement?

Unlike a window used in new home construction, a retrofitting window is a window that is custom built to fit into the opening of an existing window. It's built to fit that opening precisely and can be installed without removing the interior and exterior trim, the existing exterior trim will be capped by the new matching coil. It will provide additional strength and energy efficiency benefits for your house.

What is a brick to brick window replacement?

The replaced window can be referred as Brick to Brick window which is built by removing all of the attachment on your existing window and replace a brand new window with brand new window extension & casing and exterior brick-mould.

What is condensation?

The source of condensation is humidity, or air borne water vapor, which is present in all air. When this water vapor comes in contact with a cooler surface it will condense, similar to your bathroom mirror after you take a hot shower. Condensation can occur on windows and doors during the winter if the humidity level is high enough.

Temporary condensation can occur:

  • After baths and showers, laundry, cooking or dishwashing.
  • At the start of the heating season. Your home can retain moisture from the humid summer months.
  • When the outside temperature experiences drastic changes. A sharp drop in temperature, especially during the heating season can cause temporary condensation.
  • During construction or renovation of your home. Most building materials retain moisture during shipping or storage; this moisture can be released into the home but will eventually dry out.
  • The condensation sources: Humidifier machine, dry clothes, soup cocking for 3or 4 hours, and plant in the house, you also shower, regular and cock every day.

Problem condensation will show itself when:

  • The condensation remains on the windows throughout the day.
  • You can notice a musty smell in your home, mold or mildew on various surfaces throughout the home.

There are several ways to reduce the humidity in your home, the five main areas of concern should be:

  • Reduce Moisture sources
  • Increase ventilation
  • Increase indoor air temperature
  • Your house controls at 30% - 40% Relative humidity and temperature at 21C degree
  • You need open window for ventilation on sunny days in winter time

Do vinyl window systems reduce condensation?

They can help control the problem. Moisture vapor in the air condenses when it comes in contact with a cooler surface. A high quality vinyl window system that incorporates the latest warm edge technology glazing will help to reduce condensation, because it keeps the edges at a more consistent temperature. When you minimize the hot and cold differences of the glass, you reduce the amount of condensation.

Energy Star Program

What is the Energy Star Program?

Energy Star is a program, administered by the US Department of Energy and the Canadian Government in cooperation with manufacturers of appliances and many other products, including windows. The program is designed to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. Windows and doors can only carry the Energy Star certification after they have been tested and approved by an independent laboratory through the NFRC program. When you select Energy Star certified products, you will reduce your energy consumption and help to improve the environment. All our products are Energy Star certified. Learn more about ENERGY STAR in Canada

Why is energy efficient so important in windows?

In recent years, energy efficiency has become a prime consideration in the manufacturing of windows and doors. It is certain to become even more critical in the future as energy costs increase.

How are windows made to be more energy-efficient?

There are numerous factors involved in making a window or door efficient. The way they are engineered and built will significantly affect their performance in terms of energy efficiency. The amount of weather-stripping, the type of glass packs used, as well as the low-emissive coatings on the glass will all contribute to energy efficiency. The addition of argon gas in the sealed unit of a window is a relatively new option that can dramatically improve energy efficiency values.


How do I clean the glass in my windows?

You may clean the glass surface with any common household cleaner or a mild detergent. A soft cloth or paper towel will do the job.

How do I clean the vinyl?

Unlike other materials, our vinyl is guaranteed not to pit, peel, fade or flake. And, it never needs painting. Airborne contaminants and dirt should be removed with a mild detergent and water, applied with a soft rag. Do not use any abrasive cleaning agents or an abrasive pad to apply. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry. Do not use a high-pressure sprayer to clean windows and doors.

Do I need to clean the drainage system?

Our windows and doors have been designed with a drainage system to ensure that water and melting snow will be removed from the frame. Simply keep all weepholes and drainage channels clear so that water drains to the outside as designed.

How do I clean the screens?

To clean your screens, simply remove them and hose them off with water. Do not use a high-pressure sprayer or any cleaning solvents.

How do I keep the operating hardware working smoothly?

Window hardware parts require very little maintenance. They generally require no lubrication, but in rare cases where conditions do require lubrication of metallic parts. Before winter or summer the bust way is you should drop some WD40 at hardware for maintain free.

Why does Sliding Windows can feel a little bit leaking at between sash and frame in windy day or winter time?

The sliding has the water draining hole at bottom of the sliding windows. They are through inside of the house. When it is windy you can use hand to feel a little of it. The winter time you can feel the same. This is the sliding design like this and all Canada manufacture product same designed production. The casement designed is like car door, it is squeeze when you close the casement window.

Why we do not recommend using the double sliding system?

Double sliding window means they have two sliding sash at on frame, the good things they are easy open from left or right, but anyway when you open, it is always half way open, you cannot open whole window size. The other problem is it is hard to close properly, especially the window is bigger, and you cannot use one hand to handle it. At summer time it is ok, but winter time it is leaking too much and you call window installer to fix it, because you say it is window problem, and every time installer go to check it, which is your using problem and do not know how to fix it.

The casement has to lock when you close it, why?

The casement sometimes is a little big and when you open it the whole sash is out of the frame. We recommend you open about 45 degree and when close it, you have to lock it. Because after you close it and do not lock it, it is changed the position or locker side must go down and you cannot lock it when you want to lock. After long time, you cannot close properly, and leaking.

Tile sliding window has lock properly after you open inside for your cleaning it, why?

When you open inside for cleaning the tile sliding window, the sliding sash is open inside and out of sliding frame, after you finish, you need close the sash back at frame. There are launch each at top and bottom of the sash, you have to push tightly and lock at frame properly. You can not feel leaking and cooling at winter time or it is blow out at windy day.

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