Awning Windows

Awning windows pivot at the top and may have outward or inward-swinging sash; the most common is the outward swinging sash. Awning windows are usually operated with a roto-gear or push-out lever so that the window can be adjusted to keep out rain but let in fresh air. This window type provides up to 50% ventilation area, as the hardware does not allow them to be fully opened.

Casement Windows

Casement windows swing outward on side hinges. These windows can be hinged left or hinged right (as viewed from the outside) and are operated with a roto-gear and crank. Casement windows provide almost 100% ventilation area, because they can be fully opened and the out-swinging sash can direct plenty of air into the building.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are fixed windows that do not open. They are used to let in a lot of light and to take advantage of a view. Picture windows are often used in combination with operating windows.

Horizontal Sliders

These windows have sash that slide horizontally. Single sliders have one fixed sash, while double sliders have two movable sash. Most horizontal sliders have at least one removable sash.

Single Hung Windows

A single hung window is a vertical slider in which the top pane of glass is fixed and the bottom sash moves. In some designs, the sash tilts in for ease of cleaning.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are similar to single hung windows, except that both sash move and are controlled by a balancing mechanism so the sash do not fall down when raised.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bays and bows are a combination of windows that project outward from a building wall. A bay window has a fixed centre window parallel to the wall flanked by two operating windows (casement or double hung windows) attached at an angle (usually 45o). Bow windows have more than three sections set at gentle angles (usually 10o) that give the window a curved appearance (like a bow).

Custom Windows

There are many shapes of windows now in use, including circles, half rounds, octagons, fans, and many other geometric shapes. These geometric shapes can be used alone or in combination with other windows. Custom windows can give a curved appearance to a building or can simply add charm and character to a room.





Casement With Fix (C F)

Casement with fix and casement too (C F C)

Casement with 2 fix and casement too (C F F C)

Casement with 3 fix and casement too (C F F F C)

Awning with fix( A F)

Fix with awning( F A )

Single slider

Bi slider

Double Slider

Picture with slider

Single hunt

Double hunt

Shape windows



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