CIWD Porch and Storm door 5 year limited warranty

Material Warranty:

All of the materials are provided by Nissen Aluminum Products.

Nissen declared that they will not be responsible for water seepage, dampness & condensation.

If the porch or storm door materials are damaged or out of order under the natural condition without any misused factor, CIWD will take the responsibilities to exchange the material for the customer with the manufacturer.

Workmanship Warranty:

CIWD will provide workmanship warranty without charge upon this warranty sheet as the following warranty:

    1. Inside and Outside caulking for 5 years.
    2. Waterproofing for 5 years.

Warranty condition:

CIWD liability is limited solely and exclusively to repair the defective project which damaged under the nature weather or use condition. CIWD will be liable for any material, labour, freight or other cost that will be incurred.

CIWD reserves the right to field inspect any reported defective project under warranty claim.

Exclusion from Warranty Coverage:

All of the damage occurred by improper use, unnatural reason or short of maintain will be exclusive from the warranty coverage.

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